Celebrities. Sometimes we look up to them as someone we can base our lives on. Other times we don’t go quite that far but we feel as though these celebs can at least bring a little bit of light and humor into the world with their wit and wisdom. And still there are other times when we wonder how in the heck certain celebrities are even able to find their way out of their own houses, because they seem so stupid. There is no better way than to see just how moronic, silly and downright astoundingly dumb a celebrity truly is than to read and watch what they put out on social media. We’ve brought you 10 of the most shocking instances of celebrities showing the whole world that it is indeed better to be thought a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

Nick Cannon’s White Face

White actors putting on black makeup on their face, called “Black Face” has long been known to be completely unacceptable. Nick Cannon apparently hasn’t heard that black actors doing the opposite isn’t exactly a good idea either.

Skrillex and the ‘N Word’

Skirllex is obviously someone that likes to make some eyebrows raise but this tweet got attention because it was both a dumb thing to say and because the artist doesn’t know how to spell.

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