Food is a wonderful thing. There are so many different flavors, styles, tastes, and spices out there to ensure you have a wonderful meal with a little bit of know-how. Of course, sometimes people take things to the extreme by tackling a food-related world record and smashing it to bits. These people know what they are doing, they know their stomach can handle a monstrosity, and they fully intend to make themselves famous by completing the task at hand. Here are ten crazy food-related world records people have accomplished.

Largest Pizza Dough Spun

Tony Gemignani, from the United States, set the world record for the largest pizza dough spun within just two minutes. At the end, the dough completed a 33-inch pizza. The only problem he had was locating a big enough oven to cook it in.

Most Ice Cream Scoops on a Single Cone

Back on July 22, 2002, an Italian gentleman by the name of Dimitri Panciera somehow managed to top a single ice-cream cone with 71 scoops of ice cream. Though he technically used gelato, the world record still counts.

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