Most people will end up married to their one true love at some point in their lifetime, and that is one of the happiest things to ever consider in this world. Most people tend to have their perfect wedding ceremony inside of a local church or on a massive green field filled with blooming flowers. Other people – more extreme individuals – tend to choose something a tad more weird to get married. Love can ensure you do plenty of crazy thing. Here are ten of the most extreme and odd places to get married.

Bungee Jumping

Some people take “taking the plunge” a tad too serious, so they decide to leap into marriage from over 164 feet in the air and off the side of a bridge. The ceremony is generally held atop the platform with a select handful of relatives, and then the couple jump together for the first time.

Happy Meal

Recently, a couple from Fairborn, Ohio, decided to get married at a local McDonald’s, which is there they met 3 years before tying the knot. The restaurant handled what they could, feeding and seating the relatives and the happy couple.

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