Nature has certainly provided many ingenious hunters. While these animals may inspire a sense of discomfort or creepiness, we can’t really blame them: animals have to eat, after all. The following list comprises several examples of cunning hunters, those that utilize an almost human-like intelligence to herd, trick, and eventually take down their prey. And if you happen to come face to face with some of these hunters in nature, it’s best you go the opposite way.


Dolphins work amazingly well together when its hunting time. The pods they form consist of around 500 dolphins, and they communicate with clicks and squeals while they hunt. They are adept with echolocation, and herding and corralling are their two main hunting strategies. Because they’re such social creatures, they take turns when it’s feeding time.


Chimps don’t just sit around munching on bananas all day; they’re actually huge fans of meat-eating. They’ll even offer meat to forge political bonds or to impress females for the sake of intercourse. Their hunts can last for days, and they hunt in packs usually led by a skilled stalker.

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