Albinism may be an extremely rare congenital disorder found within both humans and animals, but it is also rather interesting and quite cool to witness. The pigment in the skin, hair, and eyes can create some truly magnificent looking creatures, such as the infamous albino tigers. Scientists claim this only happens once for every 10,000 birthed animals or people. Sadly, when one is born, they are picked off quickly by either predators or poachers looking to sell their pelts for large sums of money. Here are ten of the coolest albino animals to check out.

Albino Lion

A lion can exceed 550 pounds as a grown male, and is the second-largest known cats. Normally these beasts are brown, but on a rare occasion some may be born that are completely white. They are highly prized and rare, though.


Located throughout Australia and New Guinea, the wallaby is a small or medium-sized relative of the kangaroo. Their fur tends to be red or brown, but some have been spotted completely white with red eyes.

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