It is a common fact that people are terrified of certain animals. Both spiders and bees are the most common fears in the world, and rightly so, they both hurt like the dickens when they sting or bite a person, sometimes even lead to death. These are rational fears, of course, but sometimes things take a turn for the worse. When you administer some type of a giant potion to these animals, you receive a huge and terrifying animal that just isn’t right. Here are ten massive versions of truly scary animals.

Black Flying Fox

The Black Flying Fox, which is found in Indonesia, Papa New Guinea, and Australia, is known for being the biggest bat in the entire world. They are mainly herbivores, which is great for human beings, but they are certainly terrifing in appearance.

Indian Giant Forest Scorpion

Most people think the Emperor Scorpion is the largest of the species, but in reality the Indian Giant Forest Scorpion is far bigger. They can grow to around 8 inches in length, are faster, and far more aggressive. They will attack people with their powerful, painful sting.

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