National Geographic is one of the longest running magazines in the entire world, being in production for over 120 years; with the first issue published in 1888. The magazine focuses on geography, history and world culture, and includes images from a variety of photographers from all around the world. There are plenty of photographers who submit work to National Geographic in the hopes of being published, and the sheer number of photographers and diversity of their photographs is immense. For each day of this year, National Geographic has showed the world a picture that they call the photo of the day.

“Each day, we bring you one photo from around National Geographic that fits our criteria for Photo of the Day—sometimes classic, sometimes quirky, always an image with a story to tell. For this year’s roundup, we looked at shares, likes, and comments from the social sphere to see which ones resonated most with you.”

Cracking The Surface

This amazing photograph, which looks photoshopped, was taken by Alexey Trofimov on a visit to Lake Baikal. The crystal-clear ice on the surface, with what seems like a thin layer of water on top, makes for a magical effect looking as if the ocean is being parted.

Shining Through

This beautiful photograph, taken by Ernie Vater, shows the setting sun shining through the ice on the shore of Lake Superior, which is the largest of the Great Lakes in North America.

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