Greeting cards may be an outdated concept, but they are being kept alive through their digital counterparts. The most famous of these are Someecards, the parodic version of Hallmark that isn’t afraid of taking jabs when necessary and creating a card for nearly every modern occasion one can think of. Someecards have made quite a wave since they first hit the internet and are responsible for conveying some truly inappropriate sentiments that people usually shy away from. Here is a list of 10 of the best Someecards made so far.

Serious Relationship

Women get asked out a lot, and they must have a lot of patience to deal with the abundant supply of ill-suitors that are crawling the social space in today’s world. This card is made just for them.

Need Something

Ever called a friend just so that you have an excuse to call them again later and ask for a favor? Of course you have, everyone has. This card celebrates that very special moment.

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