Some people say death is the next big adventure in being a human being, but most people are terrified of dying. Most people don’t actually know much about the scientific side of dying, though. We simply think that our bodies decompose and end up being nothing more than bone and dust in an emptying coffin. In reality, there are a lot of things going on within the body that tend to make people cringe more than anything else. Here are ten odd things happening to your body after death. It is a bit shocking and gross.

Heart Stops Beating, Blood Pools

When the heart stops beating, the doctor generally considers the individual completely dead. Upon stopping, the rest of the body dies. The heart no longer pumps blood, and said blood begins to pool within the veins and arteries with nowhere to go.

Changing Colors

After dying, our bodies begin to change colors. Part of the human body becomes purple or bluish-purple in color. This is said to be because of the blood settling due to gravity. Other parts of the human body begin turning a dull pale color.

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