Hollywood and video games tend to portray robots as an infinite evil sent to destroy mankind, all thanks to our own wrongdoings and misfortune. However, in reality, robots and artificial intelligence, which are improving by leaps and bounds these days, have actually begun to help humankind in various ways. Some robots will actually save human lives instead of harming someone. Here are ten odd robots actually saving human lives these days. Just don’t give them firearms or anything.


Tru-D was tested in 2014, during the height of the Ebola crisis in Africa. The results of those tests were beyond astounding. The robot was capable of eradicating the virus entirely, but only within facilities and on equipment, not inside the body…yet.

HRP-2 Kai And Jaxon

HRP-2 Kai And Jaxon, two anime-inspired robots, were unveiled in 2015 at the International Robot Exhibition in Tokyo, Japan. These life-size humanoid robots are being designed to save lives. The creators see them as search and rescue devices for society.

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