Santa may not have been the only person sneaking into your home in the middle of the night last week, as there are a few other beings throughout various cultures and mythologies that absolutely love the yule time season. Some of these beings are typical monsters that will eat children if they have been incredibly bad throughout the year, while others will reward the child or teenager for being a good person for the majority of their time. Either way, we would rather none of these were sneaking around in the dark. Here are ten odd beings who visit on Christmas.

The Snow Maiden

The Snow Maiden comes from a mixture of fairy tales, but the original claims she is the daughter of Father Frost and the Snow Queen. In search of the ability to love, the Snow Maiden will leave the winter forest and melt when she enters the sunlight.

The Nisse

The Nisse is a small gnome who wears a red hat and brandishes a long, white beard. He appears similar to a garden gnome. Nisser would often steal from people around them in order to benefit themselves or the farm they live on.

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