The landscape of contemporary and modern art is changing quite rapidly. Not only has art become a global medium, as against being something that was reserved for intellectuals, it has also taken a new shape thanks to enriched participation. The global art movement has now taken several forms, with new and unique ideas creating bursts of new genres around the world. There are several art movements happening in the world right now, and this list features 10 obscure movements that you need to follow.


Fauvism is an art movement that developed in the early 20th century and is one of the first and most successful avant-garde movements. It involves artist expressing themselves using bold brushstrokes and vibrant colors that were usually applied to the piece using the tube itself. Fauvism loosely translates to ‘wild beasts’, and it meant to be a form of individual expression that is un-tethered by academic influences, giving intuition preference over representation.


Yellowism is fairly new artistic movement that began in 2012 and was started by Vladimir Umanets and Marcin Lodyga. For a piece of art to be considered a part of Yellowism, it has to be displayed in a yellow gallery-like space or it has to be signed by a Yellowist. One of the founders Umanets believes that art is open to interpretation, but Yellowist art is only about Yellowism.

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