A lot of people suffer from nightmares, most of which only happen occasionally. Unfortunately, some people experience nightmares every single night. These terrors experienced in your dream world actually tend to have a meaning behind them, which psychologists and scientists have managed to interpret in various ways. Interpreting said nightmares can actually help you look deeper into your emotional and mental state. Many mean anxiety and depression, but some could be worse. Here are ten nightmares we all experience that could mean something.

Natural Disasters

Some people find themselves dreaming about being in the midst of a hurricane or a tornado tearing apart a home they are residing in. This nightmare generally means impending fear or anxiety within the person suffering at night.

The Dead

Seeing the dead while you are are in the middle of a nightmare may not be completely bad. However, research claims that those with these nightmares tend to be experiencing personal illness or anxiety, and those with life-threatening problems tend to have them the most.

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