There likely isn’t anybody on the planet who hasn’t heard about Christmas, Valentines Day or Thanksgiving. There are also lesser American Holidays that people might not specifically celebrate, but still know about like the 4th of July or even Arbor day. It seems as though this country is one that loves to celebrate Holidays because we’ve even come up with days like Grandparent’s Day and Mother and Father’s day. There are holidays to celebrate fallen civil rights leaders like Martin Luther King day, and even a celebration of a guy who didn’t actually discover the country in Columbus Day. Despite all of that, there are some other Holidays you probably had no idea you were supposed to be celebrating. Check out our 10 Holidays you’ll be shocked actually exist and let us know what you think.

National Ask A Stupid Question Day

Celebrated on September 28th, this holiday was created by a group of teachers in the 80’s. People normally celebrate this day by asking questions. They can also encourage their kids/students to never be afraid to ask a question no matter how “stupid” it sounds.

National Working Naked Day

This day is a bit of a moving Holiday like Easter or Thanksgiving. Rather than being on the same date every year, the Holiday takes place on the first Friday of February. Just how you’re supposed to celebrate the Holiday is both gross and obvious.

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