Our world is filled with mysterious event that we cannot explain. Sometimes these mysterious events are captured on film. When this happens, we are gifted with the opportunity to examine these events and attempt to solve these mysteries. People have studied these photographs for years trying to solve these mysteries because some of the official explanations do not actually explain what happened. Here are 10 of these mysterious events presented for your consideration. Maybe one of you can solve the mystery.

The Dyatlov Pass Incident

The Dyatlov Pass Incident resulted in the deaths of 9 skiers. Initially, 5 of the bodies were discovered to have no visible injuries and the other 4 were found with such traumatic injuries that it was said the force required to cause such injuries could be compared to a car crash. All of the victims were discovered in various states of undress, missing shoes or clothing, and high levels of radiation was discovered on the clothing of the hikers.

The Babushka Lady

There is only one known video recording of the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Several eyewitnesses of the assassination report a lady wearing a brown coat that was recording the entire incident. The F.B.I has never been able to locate this missing footage and believe from her vantage point it may answer several questions regarding the event.

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