Doesn’t it seem like we all know somebody that just has all the luck in the world? Perhaps it’s an old childhood friend that was able to get everything he wanted and ended up being extremely successful. Maybe it’s your grandparents that visit the casinos every week and eventually land a few thousand bucks. We’ve all heard some crazy stories, but there have been some insane high-stakes events, card counting, and extreme runs of luck for some people. Here are some of the stories we found that you won’t believe are true.

Ping-Pong Trickery

Amarillo Slim took advantage of tennis player Bobby Riggs’ huge gambling personality. He bet him that he’d win a game of ping-pong against him for $10 grand, assuming he’d supply the paddles. When Slim came to the event, he brought cooking skillets as the paddles. He blew Riggs out in the match.

Moon Betting

In 1964, a British wagering company gave the odds of 1,000-to-1 that a man would walk on the moon in the next seven years. Actor David Threlfall took that bet for roughly $15 despite the very long odds as no one believed it would happen.

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