From drinking cobra blood to passing live grenades, military exercises are sometimes so brutal it they make people lose their minds, completely. The ones who devote their life to saving others are tested to their limits and the way it’s done is often found to be inhumane and excruciating. We’ve searched around the world to find what practiced armies use to teach their soldiers and in the list below we’ve gathered the ten uttermost shocking military training exercises.

Hot Potato With A Grenade

People’s Liberation Army in China use a brutal way to teach discipline and precision. The commander pulls the pin of the grenade enabling it to give live before passing it to a soldier whose job is to pass it to another soldier and so forth in line until the grenade comes into the arms of the last in line. After that, the last in line has the responsibility to drop the bomb into a hole and then everyone takes cover to save their life. Apparently this particular exercise teaches how to handle live weapons.

Tightrope Walking Over Burning Logs

The Belarus Army in Europe sure has a particularly nasty way of learning their soldiers to walk a tightrope. They do so by telling soldiers to walk over burning logs and to make things more interesting then shoot at their feet from the ground. It teaches discipline and coordination.

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