Most people have likely seen the term “hacking” pop up in the news. As it turns out, there are two types of hackers. “White-hats” are those who are ethical and work as security consultants for various companies, but “black-hats” are those who commit cyber crimes for financial gain or just to cause mayhem. This list comprises the most bizarre hackers from the latter group, the black-hats, and as you will find out, these black-hat hackers’ crimes are both astounding and amazingly audacious for what they attempted.

Mathew Bevan and Richard Pryce

In 1996 these two guys hacked into U.S. military systems and a Korean nuclear facility. At the time, however, officials weren’t sure if the duo were infiltrating a North or South Korean facility. Luckily it was the southern, for if it had been the northern, the hacking would have been considered an act of war.

Kevin Mitnick

This guy could be considered the poster-child of computer hacking. In the early 1990’s, Mitnick’s hacking obsession led him on a 2.5 year hacking spree where he stole million’s worth of company secrets from IBM, Motorola, telephone companies, and he even hacked into the national defense system.

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