The fashion world has always been filled with controversy, whether it is the conduct of its models or the appalling conditions that the workers producing the garments are subjected to. These are just two of the areas of concern though, with fashion photography often also thrown into the spotlight. Fashion photos first began to be used in the mid-1800s and has since become an integral part of the fashion world. Sometimes though, the photographers take their art slightly too far, causing outrage in their viewers.

Steven Klein

The work of Steven Klein often captures plenty of negative attention as they generally include sexually charged material and dark themes. This is shown most obviously in the image above, which is filled with the controversial imagery that draws so much criticism for Klein.

Terry Richardson’s Katharine Hamnett Shoot

Terry Richardson drew plenty of criticism when he worked on a campaign shoot for Katharine Hamnett in 1995. It included plenty of women who had only just become legal in very short skirts and tight fitting underwear, so much so that in many of the photographs their pubic hair was actually showing.

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