With digital imagery manipulation becoming extremely easy as new software allows even the newbies to perform hard and complicated tasks, it’s not surprising that we tend to question the photos we see on the web and their validity. However, with the help of some magical photography or simply due to incredible scenarios, there are a few mind bending photos that you’d think are altered by Photoshop, but are actually a hundred percent real. Without further adieu, here are 10 incredible and mind bending real photos you will never believe aren’t photoshopped.

The Tilted Glasses

Looks like a slight Photoshop effect, right? Well, it isn’t. The photographer simply tilted both the table and the camera to achieve this artistic photo.

The Impaled Matador

You’d think this image was photoshoped, but in reality the photo was taken during one of Julio Aparicio’s bullfights, in which he was impaled in the throat.

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