Although most people would dismiss fortune cookies as being anything but lucky or a predictor of the future, one person might have something to say about that after he won a $10 million jackpot using numbers from one of the cookies.

Richard Davis, a resident of Boca Raton in Florida, only just claimed the jackpot from a winning ticket he bought in August. He was the sole winner of the lottery and chose to take his winnings in one lump sum, meaning he received $7,057,696.67 after taxes and other fees. The 66-year-old used the numbers he received from fortune cookies in North Carolina regularly and the effort finally paid off after several years.

Davis didn’t cash in the winning ticket for several weeks as he simply couldn’t believe he had actually won. He finally collected the prize this week and spoke about his shock. “I checked and rechecked the ticket several times over the next few days,” Davis said.

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