Life has quickly evolved to the point where we are no longer worried about our needs, but we are solely focused on our wants and desires. Luxury is an element that most of us aspire to at some point in our lives. There is something about living to its fullest that attracts even the humblest of being. We all want to taste the good life and everything that comes along with it. Suspended pools are a new status symbol around the world. A lot of brilliant homes have focused on creating amazing suspended pools to go with the motif. Here is the list of 10 of the best suspended pools in the world.

Casa Vale Do Lobo

This magnificent looking suspended pool can be seen at the Casa Vale Do Lobo in Southern Portugal. The pool is a fixture of the nearly 7000 square foot contemporary residence.

Embassy Gardens Sky Pool

The Embassy gardens is a luxurious housing complex in London. This 90 feet long sky pool can be seen in its premises. It is suspended 115 feet above the ground and is 10 feet deep and 19 feet wide.

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