For incredibly obvious reasons, the majority of the test sites used for nuclear explosives for numerous countries are little more than remote, little-known locations that are well away from the general public and the prying eyes of other nations. Despite this, a lot of these test sites have yielded some truly impressive results, but they have also ensured the area surrounding the explosions is now uninhabitable and the creatures in the area have probably mutated into Godzilla-like beings. Here are ten nuclear test sites we cannot believe have been used.

Koh Kambaran

Pakistan has spent a long time developing their own nuclear weapons and testing them, and they obviously needed a location to do so, so they chose Koh Kambaran, which is the Baluchistan Province. The local population is almost nonexistent, but nomadic farmers and animal herders do roam the area regularly still.


Back when the British first began testing their nuclear arsenal, the country required a spot to deposit the warheads, so they picked Maralinga. The site is located in South Australia, and saw two tests performed before moving permanently to Maralinga for all weapon testing.

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