Being in a plane crash is an intensely terrifying experience, and is the main reason why most people won’t even step foot on these flying death traps. Planes do crash, though it is rather rare these days. Generally, a crash occurs due to a pilot-made error or a malfunction in one of the engines. Unfortunately, a lot of people die when a plane goes down, but some can, and do, survive a crash. You can improve your chances of surviving a crash landing by following these ten very simple tips.

Do Not Panic

The most important thing to remember in any crash is not to panic. Remaining as calm as possible can save your life, as it relaxes the entire body for the impact. Many people need to practice this beforehand, though.

Check On The Pilot

If your plane is experiencing an upcoming crash landing, one of the first things you should do after calming yourself down is to check on the pilot. Should the pilot still be concious, they will be fully capable of handling the situation in the cockpit.

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