The Great White North is an unforgiving and eerie place that has produced many amazing stories and tales of folklore. Even out there in real world, there are many intriguing scientific mysteries about the Arctic. It is thought that when climate change starts to make the ice melt, most of the mysteries will be solved, but until now they’ve been living completely undiscovered for thousands of years. We’ve gathered the most intriguing of them in our list below.

Levanevsky’s Flight

In 1937, a Soviet pilot by the name of Sigizmund Levanevsky decided to perform the first ever cargo-passenger flight over the North Pole from Moscow to Fairbanks, Alaska. Of course, something went wrong and the pilot and his crew disappeared. They were never found, but the theories have been formed about where they crashed. The most popular ones involves local Inuits had witnessed a plane crash into the water. After further searches, the aircraft still hasn’t been found.

The Dorset Culture

The Paleo-Eskimos were among the first people to inhabit the American Arctic. They, however, completely disappeared around the thirteenth century, leaving only a few traces of their presence from which scientists performed DNA testing and found out that the Dorset Culture has been completely differently built than the rest of the human race. One of the anthropologists on the case said: “The Dorsets were the Hobbits of the eastern Arctic—a very strange and very conservative people who we’re only just getting to know a little bit.” Nobody still knows why they completely disappeared so early.

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