When signing up for social media accounts, many of us just scroll right through the terms and conditions without reading a single word. Generally, we know what the rules are — no offensive conduct such as nudity or violence, no threatening other people on the service. But there are many other ways that can get you banned from a platform such as Facebook. You’ll be surprised to learn that using the service too much can get you kicked off, along with impersonating the CEO.

Poor Parenting

If you want to take a picture of your son drinking beer for the first time and post it online for everyone to see, you may want to think twice about that. Facebook will report and shut down any illegal activities that involve children.

Unintentional Inappropriate Photos

Facebook didn’t look close enough at a photo that caused somebody to get banned. Mistaking it as a naked girl showing her boobs in the tub, it actually was the woman’s elbows. In fairness, it’s a pretty weird photo, but Facebook can’t pull the trigger that fast.

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