Whether you’re opposed to or for it, the rise in legality of smoking marijuana continues in the United States. If it’s regulated like alcohol, it will be treated as another form of activity people can do to relax and reach a high. With its slow rise in the US, you might be surprised where it can be found legally. Despite some insane laws in North Korea, they actually fully support cannabis. They go as far as saying it’s a better and healthier alternative to standard tobacco. Here are some other weird facts about smoking weed.

There Was Medical Whiskey

Similar to medicinal marijuana, there was also a faster start for whiskey during the Prohibition era. Many pharmacies would sell the alcohol on a medical basis. It was a cash cow in 1922 when a company made $40 million in the first three years.

‘Scooby-Doo’ For Adults

When the 2002 release of Scooby-Doo was in preproduction, there was talk of making the movie aimed toward older teenagers and young adults. There were going to be lots of cannabis jokes and there was going to be a lesbian relationship involving the two women of the group, Daphne and Velma.

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