Discipline is highly important for raising a child, and this generally starts at home with the parents. Of course, grade school has long been known for introducing a variety of punishments and discipline for bad children to make good children in the future. Unfortunately, schools and administrators sometimes take things too far by punishing a student in a way that is more detrimental to their well being than anything else. Here are ten completely dumb reasons kids have been arrested.

Texting in Class

School is one of the most boring things kids have to experience, so it makes sense that most want to play on their mobile devices. One fourteen-year-old girl from Wisconsin, who remained nameless due to her age, was arrested for disorderly conduct after texting in the middle of class. She refused to hang over the phone, causing a commotion.

Food Fights

In Chicago not too long ago, a group of children, all of which remained anonymous, were arrested by the local police department for having a food fight in the middle of the school. The children who partook in the food fight were aged between eleven and fifteen. Imagine being arrested for just a childish food fight..

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