Losing your job can be a pretty horrible experience. Especially in today’s job market it can really difficult to find another one. There is a wide range of reasons someone can be fired. Most reasons are pretty obvious, like showing up to work late or inadequate work performance. In a few rare cases, people have been fired for some pretty bizarre reasons. This list looks at 10 situations where someone was fired under amusing terms.


A flight attendant for Delta Airlines was fired after the company discovered that she had her own personal blog titled “Diary of a Flight Attendant“. She wasn’t bad mouthing the company, but Delta didn’t enjoy the fact that she ‘representing’ the company on the internet.

Winning A Basketball Game

A coach from a Christian school was fired after his team won 100-0. That should be a good thing right? The school district didn’t think so due to the fact that the opposing team included students with learning disabilities.

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