America is in the whirlwind of election fever that is still quite far from being done. Donald Trump is making headlines daily and Bernie Sanders is holding up and riling up the progressive left wing. Once a more serious contender, Ben Carson now has many people just rolling their eyes at his recent remarks. We’ve observed, researched and found some of the most insane facts we’re sure you haven’t considered about the race. Some of them will definitely blow your mind. Check our list below.

Trump May Be Doing Even Better Than You Think

Donald Trump’s political rise has been completely bizarre and very unexpected. Trump could be described as unconventional at best and many Americans have trouble even thinking about him actually wining the election. Using logic, he should have been completely buried to the ground already, but Trump’s actually been leading in the majority of polls. Approximately 32 to 38 percent of Republicans favor Trump according to the polls. Then a similar group was asked the same question via an anonymized online survey. The number jumped to 38 percent.

Trump’s Rise Is Due Largely To The Media

Calling some Mexican immigrants “rapists,” threatening to ban all Muslims from America, and making fun of a large number of people are all things Trump has done. He also gets reported on, a lot. And the more he is seen on the news the better his ratings are. As soon as the coverage drops, so does Trump’s popularity.

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