Science and forensic analysts have come a long, long way over the past few decades. We can now scrutinize absolutely every single piece of evidence in the known world, which means it is far more possible to bring the correct criminal to justice. Sadly, before these sciences were perfected, or at least improved, there were a lot of innocent people heading to prison for crimes they did not commit. Even worse, some of these innocent men and women were sent to the execution chamber. Here are ten innocent people who were unfortunately executed.

Roy Michael Roberts

Roy Michael Roberts, known as Hog to his friends, was not a great man, by he was at least innocent for the crimes he was imprisoned for. He maintained his innocence, and even passed a polygraph test. He was executed for those crimes in 1999.

Josefa “Chipita” Rodriguez

Josefa “Chipita” Rodriguez moved to Texas as a young girl. During a party, one of her guests was found with an axe in his head. Rodriguez became the prime suspect, despite being innocent. She was hung for the crime in 1863.

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