Texting while walking is known to be dangerous, and yet we still encounter dozens of people do this in public everyday. Admittedly, we are probably suspects to this bad habit as well. Texting while walking can lead to could-have-been avoidable accidents and serious injuries.

Although not illegal, this habit is certainly unsafe. Not only does it endanger the texter, but also to pedestrians he/she can potentially bump into as well. Hence, several cities from around the world try to come up with creative solutions for pedestrians who like texting while walking. Here are 10 ways on how different government bodies try to deal with the problem through texting lanes, campaigns and warning signs.

University Segregates Three Types of People

Utah Valley University, a school with a population of 30,000 students, identifies three types of people in the world: those who run, those who walk, and those who text. Thus, they came up with a creative solution: to create designated lanes for their staircase and make student life much easier.

Ground Level Traffic Lights Warn People of Incoming Trains

Texting while walking isn’t necessarily illegal, but has caused some deadly outcomes. In Augsburg, Germany, a 15-year-old girl got hit by a train due to texting while walking. The city hence installed on-ground traffic lights at train crossings to warn pedestrians of incoming trains.

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