While you are sitting in the comfort of your home, enjoying your daily dose of internet cats, wild ones all around the world are roaming around waiting for you to notice them. While extremely rare, there are some incredible wild cat species, which even though you wouldn’t be able to own as a pet, are just as cute, awesome and amazing as their domesticated alternatives, and in a sense even more so! Start scrolling so you can check out these 10 incredible wild cat species, which you probably didn’t know that actually exist!

Felis Planiceps (The Flat-Headed Cat)

Found in the Thai-Malay Peninsula in Borneo and Sumatra, the Flat-Headed cat is one of the most rare wild cat species and is currently listed as endangered by the IUCN.

Leopardus Jacobita (Andean Cat)

Leopardus Jacobita, also known as the Andean mountain cat, is another endangered wild cat species that is native to the high Andes. The Andean Cat is only one of two wild cat species, which has no known subspecies.

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