One of the best way for a store to grab the attention of potential customers is for it to have a catchy and memorable name. This is becoming even more important in the modern age where the internet is beginning to carve into the traditional way of shopping, prompting businesses to come up with funny and ever more imaginative names as they try to entice those passing by the building to come in and buy something. All of this means that we get to see some truly humorous signs and names above the doors in our towns, and we’ve picked some of the best ones.

Top Bun

With an obvious reference to the Tom Cruise blockbuster Top Gun, this sandwich shop has even managed to replicate the look of the logo from the movie.

Pita Pan

Although this restaurant doesn’t serve cuisine that would typically be strongly associated with pita bread, it still decided to use the food’s name in a combination to resemble Peter Pan.

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