Have you ever wondered if the action shots featuring your favorite characters barely escaping death or dispatching a group of henchmen with their bare hands are actually performed by the actor or actress themselves? Most of the times, they are performed by stunt doubles. Most of our favorite action scenes are indeed performed by stunt doubles and those people have to look crazy alike for the stars to be cast in movies. We’ve gathered the ten most incredible stunt doubles of major action stars in our list below.

Tanoai Reed

Tanoai Reed is from Honolulu, Hawaii and is known in the Hollywood world as The Rock 2.0. Reed started doing stunts somewhere at the same time as Dwayne Johnson got his first big role in The Scorpion King. The most interesting part? Tanoai is actually Johnson’s cousin and their build, height and mannerisms are very much alike. Hanoi has been a stunt double for The Rock in more than 15 movies in the last decade.

Mark Vanselow

Liam Neeson also doesn’t jump, kill, escape near death and destroy flying vehicles by himself. He lets his stunt double by the name of Mark Vanselow do all of that. Maybe the most prominent role for the both of them was the movie Taken that also took home numerous Oscars.

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