The reasons human beings have managed to evolve so drastically in comparison to other life forms on our planet is our ability to adapt to the various conditions around us. Climate is one of the most devastating things in the natural world, and being unprepared for climatic change is a sure-fire way to go extinct. The extremities of climate change can be harsh and severe, and the only way to survive during extreme heat or cold is by creating artificial conditions. If you underestimated how bad things can get in the cold, here is a list of 10 pictures that highlight conditions during extreme cold weather.

Doggie Treat

This dog seems to be confused by all the options around him. He usually has to fight an awful lot to try and get his hands on some fish.

Frozen Lighthouse

A lighthouse is seen completely encased in a block of ice after a blizzard on Lake Michigan. The lighthouse looks beautiful from the outside, but the fact that it is frozen in ice is quite scary!

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