Florida gives us some of the most unique stories out there. Does somebody want to attach a firing range to a bar? Did a man try to blame a cat for downloading child pornography on his computer? Is a strip club offering free flu shots to customers? Those are just three crazy headlines that are actually real from the state of Florida. While these may seem pretty odd, Florida is one of the only states that produces public records of each and every arrest that occurs. Here are some of the most insane stories that we’ve come across in the Sunshine State.

Pouring Hot Sauce On Dog

Ephrian Myles of Tampa Bay was charged with aggravated animal cruelty after dumping hot sauce on a 3-month-old puppy named Gizmo. The dog was taken to a shelter for adoption.

Ebola Made Somebody Miss Court Appearance

While Joseph Britton plead that his Ebola excuse was taken out of context, officers took measures to make sure that Britton didn’t really have the disease. He was still returned to his cell among other prisoners just an hour after the incident.

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