What do you think when you see a man covered in tattoos? A freak? A criminal? Even though we’ve passed the point of intolerance and have become quite a politically correct society, the truth is most of us still hold and base their opinion on different prejudice. However, beauty is abstract and passion can be diverse. With their faces filled with ink and tattoos, the following 10 individuals are not only extraordinary and incredible in their looks, but also have some amazing stories. Having that in mind and without further adieu here are 10 incredible individuals with face tattoos and the stories behind them.

Rick “Zombie Boy” Genest

Living on the streets of Montreal, doing every little job he could find in order to pay for his tattoo obsession, Rick “Zombie Boy” Genest was discovered by Lady Gaga’s stylist Nicola Formichetti. Featured in the 2011 video of “Born This Way” he soon shot to fame and became one of the most sought after male models.

Vin Los

A 24-year-old Canadian model Vin Los is obsessed with fame. Wanting to become the most famous man on earth, he started tattooing his face in handwriting with a ton of buzz words. “I want to embody pop culture. You could look at me in a hundred years and really get the idea of what pop culture was like in the early 2010s,” he stated in one of his interviews.

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