A lot of tourists who come into the United States simply think they are going to witness great wild bears, American Bison, the American Bald Eagle, and various types of fish floating in our rivers. Sure, you will find those in spades, but there are a lot more impressive animals throughout the country that could be a lot cooler to take photographs of. Most people don’t realize how cool some of these animals truly are. Here are ten of the most impressive animals you could only find within America.

Ring-Tailed Cat

The Ring-tailed Cat appears to be straight out of a Pixar film, with dark eyes, a ringed tail, and a perky little face. This creature is completely nocturnal, so many people miss seeing one. Early miners used them as exterminators against rodents.

Collared Peccary

The Collared Peccary is a bit of an ugly little creature, but the pig-like mammal is only found within North America. They are somewhat cute, and highly territorial, though they do prefer to ignore human beings for the most part.

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