Sound is such a simple concept in terms of science and how we perceive it. Most people just throw on their favorite music or listen to someone talk and can fully underground how sound works and is perceived to us. However, sound waves can be so much more than just music or the spoken word. We can do so very much with sound, such as weaponize it, or use it for time travel, or medicine. Here are ten impressive and crazy things to do with sound.

Eliminate Sound

The Orfield Labs in Minneapolis have worked hard to develop the world’s quietest room ever. They use it to test low-level noise, such as a lightbulb humming. The walls are sound absorbent, and the sound level is far below what the human ear can actually perceive.


The military and fishing vessels have been using sound as sonar for decades now, but you can actually reverse this process and use sound to hide completely. The “Shadow Zone” is an area where sound waves will fly over your head due to temperature changes and the air patterns.

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