For decades, children have been experiencing and enjoying the joys of circus shows; the thrill and cheer of the crowd, the tight rope walking, and the exotic animals prancing about the makeshift arena. Being a circus performer is not as easy as it loosk, though, as it can be a highly dangerous job that ends with loss of life or serious injury in some cases. A successful stunt leads to cheers, an unsuccessful stunt leads to the hospital. Here are ten of the most horrifying circus accidents we will all remember.

Mary the Elephant

On September 12, 1916, Mary the Elephant trampled her handler, Red Elderidge, to death during a circus performance. To rectify the situation, the people gathered to watch as Mary was hung by the neck using an industrial crane.

Dessi Espana

Dessi Espana, a Bulgarian-American who came from a long family of performers, held a Guinness World Record for her performance. Sadly, in 2004, a technical failure ended her career when she fell over 30-feet to her death.

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