School is one of those things which every young person hates, but has to partake in anyway. Regardless of how you view it, the truth is that they shape you into what you will become, teach you things that are invaluable and ensure you have the necessary skill-set to survive in modern society. You probably hated school; the early hours, the boring classes, the bullies, the terrible food and the not-so-nice teachers. Well, count yourself lucky that you never had any of the teachers on this list — because these teachers crossed a boundary no human should — taking another’s life.

Zithokozise High School

In 1999, students attending Zithokozise High School in South Africa had planned on going on a field trip, and were told that the trip would cost $1.60. After finding out that it actually only cost $1.30 they demanded the extra 30 cents be refunded, when they didn’t receive the refund the students started throwing rocks at the principle’s car. Afraid that they would be hurt, the principal and teachers locked themselves in the school library, the students then realized and started throwing rocks at the library windows. Being afraid for their safety, the principal and a teacher shot at them. This resulted in the death of a 19 year old student Sithembiso Gcwenya, whilst 2 other students were left with injuries.

Nathaniel Mellerson

On the night of January 14, 1997, a 29-year-old computer teacher by the name of Nathaniel Mellerson shot not only himself but his student Cathy Essery and her husband Geoffry. It was said that Mellerson had had feelings for Cathy and had apparently even had an affair with her for around 2 months before the incident, however, when Cathy decided that it was time to end it and break off all ties, Mellerson went to her family house. After her mother let him in, he got into a fight with Geoffry, resulting in Geoffry being shot, Cathy was then shot and Mellerson turned the gun on himself.

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