There was a song, about 20 years ago that was titled “Things that make you go hmm.” Since that song was released, there have been plenty of instances all over the world where we’ve really had to stop and think, because we just weren’t sure we had ever really thought of our situation in the way that was needed. Sometimes the thoughts that occur to us, as a society, are incredibly deep. Other times, we have to wonder how the thought occurred at all. Not matter the case, social media has been a great tool for getting our deep thoughts out there. Check out 10 hilarious tweets that will make you question the world we live in and let us know what you think in the comments section.

Technically Not True, Still Hilarious

Eggs that we eat are actually eggs that were never fertilized. So not really miscarriages. Still, it’s both a gross and kinda hilarious thought into what we eat for breakfast.

That’s Actually Year Round

We assume “fireball” means laying out and tanning. Because the sun is up there the whole time, not just in the summer. It doesn’t change temperature either.

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