Law and order exists for a very good reason. There are just too many thieves all over the place and they don’t even do it for a living. We are talking about the kind of people who simply steal for the heck of it, or think that stealing petty things can be fun. Most of the time, this can be a harmless crime amounting to only a few dollars, but it the morality behind the situation that is troubling. It has gotten so bad that people have to put up signs to address this issue, and here is a list of the funniest anti-theft signs.

Take The Remote Too

The person who had his stereo stolen got so annoyed by the crime, that he decided to leave the remote out just so that the thief can use the stereo properly.

Too Late

This person decided to write a note to future thieves to not bother breaking in and trying to steal the stereo because someone already got to it first.

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