Everyone living being on our planet shares a genetic code that is almost identical except for a few minor differences. These differences give rise to the abundant diversity we see around us, but make no mistake about it, we are all pretty much the same. This is why we can see so much of ourselves in animals and their reactions. Sometimes animals behave extremely similarly to people and those similarities are glaringly obvious. This is why it is so easy to make posters using animals where animals can be seen behaving like people. This list includes 10 hilarious posters that are inspired from the funny things animals tend to do.

Soccer Fans

We tend to get extremely excited when sports are involved, right? There is something extremely instinctual about our reactions to sporting events, and it is perfectly captured by this orangutan.

My Haters

This world is filled with lovers and haters. It seems to be overpowered by the latter at this point, but once in a while the former gets to make a point.

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