Dogs are a man’s, and woman’s, best friend. Cats are pretty great too. There are a number of things we love about our pets but one of the things that can be annoying from time to time is just how much together time those pets can want to have every now and then. Animals love to make physical contact with those they are feeling affection towards and that can be quite cute most of the time. Other times our pets don’t seem to understand we don’t actually like to go through our entire day with a furry body attached to us at the hip. Check out our list of 10 hilarious photos that demonstrate pets have no sense of personal space and let us know if you’ve ever found yourself in similar situations.

Good Morning

A good dog will let you sleep in for the most part. The best dogs are aware when it’s time for you to get up and will let you know in the most interesting of ways.

Do You Smell Something?

This cat is clearly quite comfortable with his body. It’s not often you find someone willing to jam their butts right up into your face.

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