There are a lot of people who raise an eyebrow and cannot believe it when they hear that pancakes have an entire national holiday dedicated to their existence and consumption. There are truly a lot of different national holidays these days, with many people calling out of work and spending time with their family in an effort to become closer in the name of the holiday. Some people celebrate simply for the hilarity of it all, while others really enjoy whatever is being put up on a pedestal for that specific day. Here are ten hilarious national holidays you simply won’t believe.

Tinku “Punch Your Neighbor” Festival

There truly is a Bolivian national holiday that involves people knocking on the door of their neighbor’s home and then wailing on them with their fists. This holiday is celebrated in the first few weeks of May.

Obama Day

Obama Day, on November 6th, is a celebration of the soon-to-be-former President of the United States. Kenyans celebrate the man, considering him the most powerful man in the entire world.

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