In today’s video game culture, a video game’s story has become an important part of the experience. However, many generations ago with old arcade games and when the Nintendo Entertainment System first came out, both the story and dialogue weren’t focused upon. In fact, lots of games translated from Japanese to English were barely proofread. That can be seen in some of these incredible goofs in the following games, so without further adieu, here are ten hilarious mistranslations found in video games.

Aero Fighters

The protagonist is apparently struggling to find his identity when he says, “A mechanical body is useful, but a live body is best…yes?” Perhaps it’s wiser to question first before coming up with a definitive statement.

Art Of Fighting

After King defeats an opponent, she says, “I am woman. Feel my kick and moan.” Perhaps there is an evil sense to this after all. The man that she obliterated won’t be able to get turned on.

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