You have to watchful of hackers these days. There are plenty of tech whizz kids who are capable of wrecking all sorts of mayhem by simply using their laptop and not much else. This is even easier these days because there is so much of technology all around us. We could actually lock away prisoners and throw away the keys before, but even jail cells are electronically operated now. Not all hacking is bad though. Some are just carried out for the sake of entertainment and probably just to show off to friends. Here is a list of 10 road signs that were definitely hacked.

Lol, Poop

This hack was clearly carried out by the youngest hacker in the world. What gave it away you ask? Could be the sense of humor!

Hateful Hacker

When you have finally hacked into a public outlet, why would you waste the occasion by putting out a hateful message? Isn’t there enough hate in the world already guys?

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