Synonymous with the word internet, hilarious photos of cats can be found pretty much everywhere. However, on rare occasions certain photos manage to stand out showing that cats might very well be evolving right in front of our eyes. But we should’ve expected that, right? We treat them as people, dress them as people, now why would it be weird if they started acting as humans? They certainly have the right amount of intellect for it! Thus, without further adieu, we present to you 10 photos of cats that are trying to be humans. Hilarity ensured!

In the Car

It’s one thing that we have self-driving cars, but did you know that the next time you get in a cab, your driver might as well be a cat? That’s right! By looking at this fellow, they seem to have learned the full-of-profanity driving code as well!

Checking the Books

Cats have to do taxes as well. This fellow has learned the hard way that calculation is simply not for everyone.

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